Kevin, my letter for you (to GLAAD and VERY civil)

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Posted by Jeweliet at on August 06, 2001 at 06:14:46:

I wrote this after Kevin gave us the email to GLAAD- keep your urge to flame at a minimum, okay?

To whom it may concern at GLAAD,

Hello. I am a 21 year old female who has just come into some information that has concerned me greatly. I am a student of sociology and cultural anthropology so I am deeply intrigued by people's differences and I celebrate them. As a female in American society, I am very aware of prejudice and sexism as well as racism and homophobia. GLAAD is an amazing and incredibly important organization for the homosexual community just as NOW is for women. It is essential to have out there to protect certain interests.

When I received the information about GLAADs response to the upcoming movie Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, I was torn. I have not seen the movie but I am familiar with the humor Kevin Smith writes as I have seen all of his other movies. I was inclined to agree with GLAADs conclusion, knowing they were protecting a community from ways that normal people do not realize they are seeing. However I have also been a Kevin Smith fan for many years and I believe some aspects of his work is being overlooked by GLAAD even though it is imperative to analyze. Chasing Amy was a landmark movie to me and thousands of others because it showed how a white male came to terms with and accepted homosexuality into his life, through his girlfriend and more importantly, his male bestfriend. It crept in the door of the young male audience through the guise of comic books and inserted the necessary message of acceptance and love. This is what truly made me a Kevin Smith fan. He is able to inject this message into so much of his work including Dogma (when Jay is revealed to fantasize about men) and his many comic books to the one audience that has resisted it the most. And now, GLAAD is struggling to make him stop instilling the regularity of homosexual content to the young male audience when it is this audience that requires it more than any other. Kevin Smith is not a homophobe in any sense of the word; he could be called a pioneer for the work he has done in introducing homosexuality to people who would never give the subject a second thought. I wholeheartedly wish GLAAD would see this and understand what he has done for their community. Thank you for your time.


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