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Posted by MemoX33RTY at on August 07, 2001 at 16:12:45:

In Reply to: Kevin got Fined posted by MemoX33RTY on August 06, 2001 at 20:05:54:

History has shown a steady pattern, there is something which is forbidden, but gradually more and more people do it, so gradually the practive becomes tolerated and eventually noone blinks an eye when it happens.

Pre-marital sex was once considered a sin, now some people don't even bother get married, what's the result, the rapid spread of STD's. Nowadays you've got people campaigning for equal rights for sodomists, beastarians, paedophiles, murderers and rapist. We don't just tolerate them, on occasion we actually protect the people who do it.

I'm not against the people who pratice homosexuality, I wouldn't even mention it to them, but then I wouldn't particularily want them for a friend.

"What's a goody christian like you doing watching View Askew movies"

The media provides an excellent representation of society today, it can tell us exactly what people are like. I do not believe that it has any negative influences to the strong minded, so I watch what I like. And I like's what I watch. After all it's just entertainment, I don't care what viewpoints are portrayed, it's up to me what I do about it.

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