Good Omens and other Gaimanisms

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Posted by jkm822 at on August 07, 2001 at 17:04:16:

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Neil Gaiman isn't "straight" anything. Everything of his I've read (and to the best of my knowledge, minus American Gods because I have a dislike for hardcover, as well as a guide to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy entitled Don't Panic, I've read ALL of it) has a little bit of everything. He's got a fantastic sense of humor, and that always comes out, no matter how serious his topic is. He's also one of the most intelligent novelists out there, drawing from... well, everything, from ancient religion to pop culture, from Dante to Alice Cooper. He's amazing. If you're looking for funny, try Good Omens; it's a good way to get started, and gives you a taste of both Pratchett and Gaiman (though it's so well done, there's no way to tell who wrote what). After that, if you love it, you've got the option of trying his Sandman graphic novels, or his novels Neverwhere (which is bloody fantastic, and while not exactly humor, there are definitely some hilarious bits in) and Stardust (kind of a fairy tale for grownups, and again, while not belonging to the humor genre per se, definitely includes quite a bit of humor), and the new American Gods, or his short stories (Smoke & Mirrors).
Put it this way - there isn't one person I've lent a Gaiman book to who hasn't absolutely loved it. Not one, and I've lent them to many, many people between 94 and today....


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