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Posted by John Walker at on August 07, 2001 at 17:14:37:

In Reply to: Frankly, Smalls my dear, I don't give a fuck. posted by Isis on August 07, 2001 at 12:44:29:

and if this isn't one the suckiest boards I've ever come across, I don't know what it is.

You've got the regulars: The (mostly) level headed ones who try to make order out of this choas. Hates: Newbie questions (although will often help) and gets bored very quickly with repetitive posts.

You've got the annoying-kiddies: The ones who take two seconds to write a message, and they're poorly written with bad grammar/spelling and are always ALWAYS about slagging someone off. Usually posts a message to annoy someone just to see the reply.
Hates: everyone and often ends post with "noonch" or some such thing.

You've got the innocent newbies: The guys who come here fresh from Fandom, hoping to ask a question for Kevin and maybe join in out little community...
Hates: not getting their question answered and being told to "look in the SUMMARIES" by irrate regulars.

Except from what I can see this board is just about as far and away from any sort of "community" I've ever heard of. It's total anarchy. No amount of "regulars" reforming their ways and trying to become more level headed and less "kiddie-like" is going to remove the "annoying-kiddie" element.

The only reason I honestly believe ANYONE stays here in our common interest: Kevin (and to a lesser extent ViewAskew).

After a while you may get caught up in slagging matches. This will draw you back as you try to win your pointless (c'mon face it, it usually is!) argument with some kiddie who's only line of defense is to attack your very being.

Of course you lose: The kiddie doesn't care or probably even realise that there's a person at the other end of their keyboard. This leaves unchecked aggression which is usually ends up being pointed at other "regulars".

Next time you take less time writing your reply and caring about its response (- why bother? hardly anyone will a) read it, b) less will reply and c) you'll probably never hear from the guy who does _ever_ again -). This goes on to piss someone else off... and on and on and on it goes.

This place, IMHO, is a bit of a mess right now. Especially when you consider that the world (GLAAD/etc) might well be looking here to see what the "average" Smith fan is like is like is his native habitat, and I'm not sure what they're seeing. I know what *I'M* seeing!

How on earth sane people like Babka, Vincent and indeed Kevin, wade through all the shit and still see it as a valid place for entering their thoughts completely bewilders me.

Like I said, I only do it because I get to hear what Kevin is up to, or what Vincent has to say on something. Mr. Lynch is amusing at times also.

The rest of those names fade into obscurity, I hardly ever seeing the same poster name twice, as the board is over run with new messages and users.

UBB would probably end all this. But the question really is: Do we want to reform the board, or do we like this chaos?

I'm all for reform.

But another question must form in Kevin's mind: "Surely this is a fair cross section of my fanbase?" I sure hope he realises the resounding answer is NO! I don't know a single VA fan who would get into these arguments/slagging matches in real life (or indeed online).

The current chaos is allowing the inmates to take over the asylum -- new users are put off and only die hards stay to fight an uphill struggle. Maybe you all see this place in a different light than me... or maybe you just automatically filter out all the shit, but for me, this place is REAL hard work... unless I don't bother taking time to reply properly or take any argument seriously.

I digress.

Moderation would see the best of Kevin Smith fans come out -- the "silent majority"!

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