Some of you people make me giggle...

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Posted by slackerfreak at on August 07, 2001 at 17:21:27:

In Reply to: Tim Burton's a fucking hack cocksucker... posted by slackerfreak on August 07, 2001 at 14:24:31:

My God. It looks that my tiny little non-issue rant has brought out the militants. Holy hell folks, let it go. I made the comments I made about Tim Burton based on my personal experience as a film goer. I'm entitled to that. I understand everyone's right to a viewpoint and did often appriciate alot of the points made in defense of his films. I am curious, however, about what empty soul finds the energy to simply take the words of a total stranger and initiate a pissing contest. I especially enjoy the comment that by simply reacting I was "retarded". Apparently open thought and expression on this board can be easily dismissed by simple playground name calling. How very comforting it must be to find that piece of your soul fulfilled by using a degrogitory term for 'handicapped' to belittle someone. Good for you! As for my "conformity" to impress Kevin. It's unfortunate for you, however, I have enough respect for myself to not need Kevin's approval, but, apparently you must if you take it upon yourself to police the board so. It was also brought to my attention that it was an issue of dignity. I have a thought: If my words on an internet web board threaten your diginity, I suggest examining your priorities in the universe. As for the comments made further down the post regarding typographical errors, I find that terrifically amusing. If the only thing you can lambast about my posts is my typing ability, then what does that say about your own arguement. If you chose to focus on form over function, you only discount yourself. I stand by my post. It was what it was, a simple expression of both how I percieve Tim Burton's films and my disgust at his unprofessionalism. I do take it to heart that something as trivial as that could warrant such a response. I thank you for placing such a weight on my words that you chose to fire blindly in reaction. I find great humor in the fact that people are up in arms and chose to unload so heavily on something that won't effect a single living soul when tomorrow comes. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

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