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Posted by BrianLynch at on August 07, 2001 at 18:08:25:

In Reply to: Geez? Is it really THAT funny? posted by John Walker on August 07, 2001 at 17:39:24:

: The jock, however misinformed, was clearly talking about the films content.

Please. If you heard that, you'd laugh.

: I find it more funny that Lynch actually thought it would be an amusing anecdote to tell his "friends" (read: sycophants) online.

Oh. Wow, everyone seems to really hate it, I'm sorry.

:I wonder if he ran home to get to his computer to type it up? "ooh! they're going to love this one!"

Yep. My God, did I. Caused accidents.

: The guy was a grade 'a' asshole because he was treating his girlfriend badly, acting like a prick in a store and was probably homophobic -- NOT because we have some uber-geeky desire to correct him on his fucking wording! Geezus!

Well, the whole story was kinda supposed to show what a prick he was. But since this is the View Askew board, I thought maybe I should, you know, make the point of the post View Askew. My apologies, I shoulda ended it with "He was making fun of his girlfriend", you're right.

: What's next Lynch -- are you going to work this into ANP? Maybe you could keep it for the title of your autobiography. The joke will surely keep fresh for many years.

It's even funnier that your response to my story was longer THAN the story, but that's cool. And yes, of course I'll put it in Pat, that was a stellar insult.

:Imagine yourself on Letterman relaying the anecdote: the audience will just NOT stop laughing! They'll be shouting "Lynch, Lynch, Lynch!" long after the credits run! You'll be a comedic genius and a hero to millions all from that one phrase!

Yep, he keeps going. Because of course the fact that I took a couple of minutes to write the story MUST MEAN I'm going to talk endlessly about it. Oh wait, that's your job, I guess. Keep it up.

: People will sue from the damage that hours of non-stop laughing will do to their bodies. You'll be ruined! The funniest joke has finally been realised: THAT'S what they were saying in Monty Python!

And it keeps going. Oh man, the same awesome joke about how my story was stupid. It's funny because he didn't think it was AT ALL but he's acting like it's the funniest thing ever. And he's going to write twenty variations of said joke in one post, and man, will I feel stupid.

: I sure hope that this was a test to see if people would actually laugh at ANYTHING you say on here (it's clearly revealed some things to me).

: It's actually scary.

"it's clearly revealed some things to me". That someone posted "that was funny" after a story? Yes, the universal truth has been unearthed, thank you, John Walker. How's the bitterness going? Pretty well? Good.

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