Tim Burton, bad liar

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Posted by The Evil One at cx447841-c.omhan1.ne.home.com on August 07, 2001 at 18:28:37:

In Reply to: A ringing endorsement from one of the greats posted by Kevin on August 07, 2001 at 08:09:43:

Ok so Tim's Last Movie Mokey Bone... I thought that was about a guy who made comic books, and didn'ty Tim do Batman 1. He dosen't read comics 'eh? So he guessed about what his chacter would be like in Monkey Bone? And batman.. he got all his ideas form the 60's TV show? I dont think so, I'm sorry but you think his lame ass could of come up with a better excuse than "anybody that knows me knows I do not read comic books". I'm sorry Kevin... I hope you sue the shit out of that lame mf.

: Smell that?

: That's the pungent scent of yet another bridge being burnt.

: From Today's New York Post's Page Six Gossip Column

: >>Directors duel

: >>DIRECTOR Kevin ("Chasing Amy") Smith says the "surprise" ending
: >>of Tim Burton's "Planet of the Apes" comes as no surprise -
: >>to anyone who saw it in one of his "Jay and Silent Bob" comic
: >>books three years ago. "My jaw hit the ground when I saw that
: >>scene," Smith told Post movie critic Lou Lumenick. "I think I
: >>got robbed and I'm talking with my lawyers about possibly
: >>suing." Smith's Viewaskew web site features a comic-book image
: >>bearing a close resemblance to the ending of "Apes." But Burton
: >>said, "I have not seen the image and anybody that knows me knows
: >>I do not read comic books. And I especially wouldn't read
: >>anything that was created by Kevin Smith."

: Not even 'Superman Lives', Tim?

: Seriously, though - that'd be an excellent quote for the jacket of a book,
: wouldn't it

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