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Posted by RaeRae at on August 07, 2001 at 18:38:19:

In Reply to: Burton, POTA and Jay & Silent Bob non-issue posted by Neil on August 07, 2001 at 18:20:41:

Hey I didn't see the movie, but from my understanding of the ending of the book (which I'll repost here along with the response someone made) Tim's ending wasn't taken from the book.
I too am a Tim Burton/Danny Elfman fan. I also like Disney and used to work in Disney World. And finally, I think Kevin Smith is one of the most Talented Filmmakers in the world, not to mention my personal favorite. I'm so conflicted.

Anyway, this is how the book ends. If this is how the Burton's movie ends, just let me know.

: My Dad read the English translation of the book and told me the end.

: The Charlton Heston/Mark Wahlberg character and his girlfriend (another human slave) are able to escape from the planet and
rendesvous with his aircraft, from which he descended to the planet in a smaller craft. They fly back to Earth and land at Orly (sp) Int'l
Airport, in Paris where a truck drives over to meet them. A Gorilla gets out of the truck and the girlfriend screams. That's the end. It
doesn't continue. Like this post
: Rachel

"Monkey Planet" has a wraparound story of two vacationing astronauts who come upon the story of the astronaut somehow. [I didn't
read it, I was told, so I don't know how.] Then, at the end, after the whole long story, which ends as Rachel said, it goes back to the
astronauts, and one says, "Talking humans? How ridiculous." (They're monkeys, y'see.) So it has twists on top of twists and in
between twists as well.

But "it was our planet" will always be the best.

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