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Posted by VioLenT BoB at reston-gnap-ip-216012-87.dynamic.ziplink.net on August 07, 2001 at 18:41:53:

In Reply to: Belated reaction to Malcom's Ethan.S anecdote posted by Somnambulist on August 07, 2001 at 10:31:27:

: I was shocked and perturbed to learn that Ethan.S was so disrespectful to Mewes and the aura that is NJ in the incident that Malcom described.

The aura that is NJ? I'm in NJ. My aura wasn't hurt.

: Ethan.S will always be reputable for his work in Mallrats and Chasing Amy (if I'm not mistaken, he made a voice contribution to Dogma as well) but his status among the upper echelon of badass actors has dissipated, at least in my opinion.

Why because he hasn't been in the last two? Because he dissed Mewes? His personal life has nothing to do with his body, (large body) of work. Though the last two roles that really meant anything were SETH in AHX, and then 'the fat tolerant kid' in RTT.

Sadly, the roles don't come along that dramatic for someone Ethan's size. It's an aesthetic driven business. So don't rag on the guy, cuz he had an attitude in a bar. You weren't there, and you only have Malcolm's side.

Malcolm always struck me as easily wrankled. So just a little tiny grain of salt all around.

: Mewes' badass stature transcends said echelon.

Why are you using ten cent words with one cent intentions?

: Obviously I don't know jack shit about the bad blood that was established between these guys at some point in the Viewaskewniverse,

NOTHING IN THE ASKEWNIVERSE. This is real life. Well as real as Hollywood gets anyway.

:so my sudden acrimony for Ethan.S is a result of my respect for Mewes' seemingly effortless panache, a contention that is surely mutual for all fans of the skew.

Acrimony? Panache? Jerome Shostak is fucking coughing up blood here.
Mewes got straight up dissed by Jack Nicholoson a few years back. Has his effortless panache dropped from the acrimonious echelon of years previous for you?

: I had read in numerous periodicals that Ethan was was a member of Dicaprio and Maguire's clique (If I'm not mistaken, they called themselves the "pussy posse" at one point) but I never thought he would've succumbed to a condescending Hollywood attitude.

I've been too drunk to recognize my mother, my friends have stepped in before to keep people from coming near me if I was upset, drugged, etc.


: I hope Ethan.S and JM can somehow resolve their differences in the future for the sake of the comedic aplomb that ES brought to his roles in the VA films.

These little fallouts seem to happen all the time around a movie. Kev and Jeff, Kev and Shannon(months later), Kev and Lee, now it just so happens theres a misunderstanding between Jay and Ethan.

Just let it work itself out. I doubt Jay holds any grudges.
As for the other's in Ethan's "pussy posse" as you called it. Hey whatever man, I never met them. At least I can say I ate White Castle with Ethan.

Don't judge someone if you don't know them.
and if you do know them, Don't judge them if you would like that relationship to continue.

People are.

figure that last bit out and you will have the zen answer.

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