Lynch- thoughts on MIB in Spy TV?

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Posted by Night Berserker at on August 07, 2001 at 19:04:16:

just curious as to whether you've been checking out the Michael Ian Black hosted Spy TV this summer? His role is very cheesy but I think he makes the best of it and he cracks me up anyway. some of the stuff on the show is good, thank goodness for Travis and Frank of Buzzkill.

also, any thoughts on the new Planet of the Apes? I couldn't believe how lackluster it truly was. to me Mark Wahlberg's character seemed quite pointeless, he was on the planet for like 2 days so who cares if he gets off? and the fact that the monkeys just decide to be peaceful with the humans b/c Marky Mark said so and the little monkey came down from the sky? even the big war scene was non exciting. I did like the end a lot. and for those who think Burton ripped off Kevin Smith, get over it folks, it's a coincidence. not that many people have read the comic and Kevin is not the only person in the world who said "hey, why don't I put a monkey head on abe lincoln" I'm sure it's possible for others to have the same thought. perhaps Burton was inspired from the ending of the original novel by Pierre Boulle entitled "Monkey Planet" where the hero gets back to earth and finds only apes. maybe...I may be an idiot though.

"I hear that movie hates homos"
"If you think that movie hates homos, you should watch Perfect Strangers. That show hated everyone...except Bon Jovi loving abusive meatheads of course."

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