I thought Kevin liked BATMAN

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Posted by Neil at on August 07, 2001 at 19:52:18:

In Reply to: Is it me or does Tim Burton hate Kevins work? posted by went2secretstash100x on August 07, 2001 at 18:50:47:

Correct me if I'm wrong, butI seem to remember him even including it among the best comic book adaptations ever, but even if he didn't, wasn't it one of the reasons he was initially pleased that he was going to be taking on "Superman Lives"? I know I remember him saying that he wrote the Batman monologue in the SL screenplay for Michael Keaton.

Shouldn't you ass-kissers be slavishly worshipping it's greatness in spite of its director's unwillingness to bow down and suck firmly at the sphincter of your God.

Ultimately, it is a good movie. It's a stunning visual masterpiece. The score is flat-out mind blowing. The performances are compelling. The story gets weak in places, I admit, but for the most part the lavishness and kinesis that Burton brings overcomes that in spades.

Can I use my comic geek personality to pick it apart from the perspective of how the characters are written or have been written or how I'd like them to be written? Fuckin' a!

However, it's only fair to remember that the character had been around for SIXTY-TWO years and has gone through several interpretations during that time. We all sort of pick and choose mostly based on the one we grew up with and judge individual works through those blinders. I'm not sure the movie Batman is a spot on interpretation of any one of those, but he is a compelling and reasonable blending of a number of them.

I'm not saying you can't like it, but I'm not sure hatred of BATMAN is the True Way on the path to Kevin Smith enlightenment.

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