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Posted by BrodieGod at on August 07, 2001 at 20:43:27:

You all need to calm the fuck down. There's no good in putting web posts on the board about Kevin and how he's out to make fun of all homo's out there or is movie sucks or blah blah blah. Who fucking cares what other people think or how movie's are made to be. Their there whether you like them or not. If you like it, well hey, good for you. If not, then don't come bitching to a goddamn web board and spilling your little heart out for every one to hear since they don't care in the first place. Sure there's some fanatic's out there who would jump over the grand canyon on a bicycle if Kevin told them they could make it, SO WHAT. Let them be, no use in fucking it up. To some people it's all they got going for their day. Yeah it's true and yeah it's sad to know that, so just let it be and forget about it. But if you didn't like Kevin at all in the first place what the hell are you doing here anyway? Just enjoy the movies for what they are regardless of what type of material may be in them. If it makes you laugh, then alrighty. That's the goddamn point. Not to have people barking down your fucking throat asking to make a movie the way they want it to be. Because folks if we had it like that, there would be too many movies to make just to please everyone. You don't like it, fuck it and move on with your goddamn life. Kevin did when the Clerks TAS didn't make ABC happy, sure he was pissed but he moved on and didn't care. Unlike some people here who are still bitching and fucking complaining about Chasing Amy and Mallrats being a lash out towards gay people everywhere. Some gay people actually found the movie's funny cause they could relate to them. And that's cool, BECAUSE THEY CAN TAKE A FUCKING JOKE AND LAUGH...instead of most people who are calling lawyers and fucking GLADD to sue Kevin's ass. Does Kevin walk around with a fucking shirt on that says "I HATE FAGS"? No, so shut the fuck up and pay your goddamn bills.

"They call me snap and pop, cause I will snap and pop a cap in your goddamn ass!"

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