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Posted by Jim Shady at h-64-236-224-52.twi.com on August 06, 2001 at 12:38:02:

In Reply to: WHY KEVIN? WHY? ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!! posted by Bluntman_kronik on August 06, 2001 at 10:22:52:

: Kevin, please you cant do this to us!!! Jay and Bob are our idols man you cant destroy them.

They're not being destroyed - they're just moving out of town.

:Brodie,Dante,Randal,Brandi,Renee,holden,banky,alyssa,betheny,rufus and i could go on forever.

The thing is, I doubt Kevin could. Would you really want to be watching films with Jay and Silent Bob that the actors and crew had no real interest in, and it showed? The words are "quitting while ahead".

: You and jason mewes are still young man why cant you just make this the last jersey flick and carry on with jay and bob flicks?

Kevin's creative life doesn't revolve around Jay and Bob, even if they gave him his start. Lucas moved on from American Graphiti...

: i mean you will become silent bob the film director

I reckon Kevin wakes up screaming at the thought.

: but what will mewes do? ive never seen jason in movies other than jay and bob flicks

You need to check out more movies. Try out IMDB.com.

: and by destroying jay you are robbing the film industry of its funniest character(s). Please dont do this to us!!!

How many more variations of "Snootchie Bootchies!" and "Snoogans!" can you listen to before you become bored hearing it?

: I am as much of a true believer in jay and bob as brodie is in comics!!!

Fair enough, but Brodie didn't just read comics with the same two characters in them over and over again.


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