POTA/Chasing Dogma connection (spoilers)

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Posted by Neil at on August 06, 2001 at 13:12:31:

Well, considering the way these things develop, etc., I'm highly skeptical that the ending of Burton's PLANET OF THE APES was actually a rip-off of the "Jay & Silent Bob" image. Obviously, I don't know exactly when it first appeared in the long in-development script, etc.

The basic ending is simply a more true, than the original film, representation of the ending to Pierre Boulle's "Monkey Planet", which I found disappointing in itself. The adding the specific image was an obvious way to refer back to the landmark in the end of the original film. Unfortunately, it all came together as very lame and inexplicable from the film's own body. Very, very cheap.

That said, I think legal action would be good for a number of reasons.

1) It's an embarrassingly bad movie. Any insult done to it is inherently a good thing.

2) This would make news of the incredibly bad twist ending, thus spoiling it for all the people who still haven't seen it.

There you go. That's my middling support. Any belief that legal action could succeed or really even that it should succeed would be a fool's venture.

Where did I leave my sense of humor? Oh, probably along where all the people who wrote "Do it, yes!" did.

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