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Posted by Neil at on August 06, 2001 at 13:32:42:

In Reply to: Hush, hush on the PTA posted by T-Slow on August 06, 2001 at 12:10:05:

: Why do you filmmakers keep getting into petty fights?

Do they? Or do their fans get in petty fights as soon as one expresses an opinion about the other's work?

: I love Paul Thomas Anderson.

Sure. Me, too. Kevin really liked BOOGIE NIGHTS and I think it's a safe bet he wouldn't have commented further on MAGNOLIA after his initial comments if it hadn't been for all of the obnoxious PTA Zombies who came around here to scream at him about expressing his opinion.

: I love Jon Favreau.

Well, that's kind of sad.

: I love Kevin Smith.


: I feel like I'm in a square of love gone all too wrong. Now, I know this stuff gets blown out of proportion, but something's gotta give.

What does?

I know there are plenty of people who think that filmmakers should never express anything but praise over other filmmakers work, but I can't abide with that. I think we should cut them all some slack.

: I don't know if I can take the fighting anymore!!!

What fighting? The dumbass zombies on the board taking one side or the other of an imagined fight that should have ended with the filmmaker stating their opinion and everyone agreeing or disagreeing privately in their own head, but instead going on hysterical bends of shrieking.

: Magnolia and Made are really good.

I'll give you MAGNOLIA. I agree.

I haven't seen MADE, but based on my experience in life, I'd say the odds of me enjoying it are less than 100:1.

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