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Posted by Neil at on August 06, 2001 at 14:50:12:

In Reply to: Boyweakling's atttude crystalizes what's wrong... posted by Darth Dobbin on August 06, 2001 at 14:31:40:

: Yes, "boyweakling," you have the RIGHT to say ANYTHING, no matter how stupid or assinine it may be. But with that right should come the responsibility to EXAMINE your own views, and what you say, and see if it is worthy of being said.

: I think that when you spew stupid shit, you should feel ashamed of yourself for having done so.

: But hey? Who am I to tell you what's childish or what to say?

: Right?

One thing I'd like to add –

Somewhere in the idea of "free speech", stupid little cobble-brained Internet twits have altogether forgotten that if they have the free speech to say something obnoxious, rude and, yes Dobbin, shameful, I also have free speech and can use that to tell people to shut up or that they have the intellectual capacity of a well aged rhubarb and the sensitivity of a cockroach's exoskeleton.

In the United States, your free speech is defined with the words "Congress shall pass no law…" absolutely NOT "No citizen can comment or respond to…"

The notion that it's the latter isn't the way of more freedom, but less. It's stupid, ignorant and even disgusting that fucking nitwits have lost track of the true meaning of freedom, the meaning of responsibility and the meaning of shame.

They are not fit to be a part of a society, because they have no idea how to function with people properly.

It is truly shocking how bad parenting in this country has become.

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