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Posted by CoachPants at on August 06, 2001 at 15:28:53:

In Reply to: Boyweakling's atttude crystalizes what's wrong... posted by Darth Dobbin on August 06, 2001 at 14:31:40:

Now boyweakling has obviously posted some seriously moronic stuff on this board, so I'm not sure if your response somewhat pertains to some of his other post or not.

: There seems to have been, somewhere along the lines, a death of shame. A little bit of shame can be a very good thing. If you say something STUPID, and are called out on it, shame is the intellectual-survival-mechanism that drives you to become better informed on the subject. If you are a lout, and say or do something creepy or nasty, and are taken to task for it, shame can be the force that makes you reconsider your stance.

Thank God for that.

: Among the "Boyweakling" crowd, however, there is none of this shame, no thought of self-questioning or self-criticism, and, I think, all it amounts to is a bunch of Id-shouting. "I wanna call anybody I want whatever I want!" "I wanna.. I wanna.. I wanna..." "You don't like me? FUCK YOU!"

You maybe overgeneralizing a bit here. I think there maybe a difference between somebody like you just described and someone who doesn't like being scolded for their pc values. If I'm at a bar and my friend does or says something incredibly stupid, I may be prone to say to him "You're retarded". Now if the guy standing behind me says "You can't call him that, thats offensive to a large number of people." I may be quick to say (alcohol in me or not) "Fuck you. Mind your business." But I'd also add "Besides I didn't mean anything malicious by it. My friend is obviously acting like he's a chromosome short."

: In a way, it's also the death of chivalry. Remember when the "nerds" used to be the quiet, pensive kids who secretly adored the "popular" girls, and crafted sweet, naeive fantasies about being the "secret worthy" ones that, by dint of noble intention and being "the good guy," would EVENTUALLY win out? The party line for the nerd-set about whatever girl who was the object of their geeky adoration used to be "If she were with me, I'd treat her like a princess."

: Not so anymore. Somewhere along the line, the masturbatory Knowles-contingent won out. This is a REALLY geeky thing to say, but it is as if "the Dark Side" of the Dork Side has finally set in, and now holds absolute sway and dominion. It's why I stopped reading the funnybooks-Comics stopped being about goody-two-shoes heros fighting bad guys, stopped being brightly colored and innocently fun morality tales, and became angry, adolescent revenge fantasies, filled with gun-toting, no-shit-taking anti-heroes, and rediculously out of proportion, scantily clad boob-women.

: How very sad and tawdry.

I'm not really sure how you got to this point in your post, but okay.

: Pick up a copy of TOTAL FILM magazine. Or read the "talkbacks" on AICN. Or watch THE MAN SHOW. Somebody convinced "guys," somewhere, that being a "guy" is somehow more "honest" and "true." If you feel something, SAY IT! Fuck responsibility, fuck other people's perspective, fuck propriety, SAY IT! You would like to "bang" Jennifer Love Hewitt, and "make her pay?" Post it on a message-board! You'll find MANY like-minded souls who will reinforce your attitude. You're "part of the crowd!" "One of the guys!"

I tell people everywhere I go that I would like to bang Jennifer LOve Hewitt. Make her pay? For what, dinner, before our all night sex session? If you're inferring that just because someone wants to have sex with Love (as her friends call her) Hewitt and watches The Man Show that they holding on to some serious aggresive hostlities and rapists' tendencies, then you're delusional. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and hope that I read that wrong.

: And the best part is, you DON'T HAVE TO FEEL ASHAMED for having these views, or saying ANYTHING, no matter how moronic it is!

: Books SUCK! History's USELESS! Fuck GLAAD! ...Whatever shit you want to spew, spew it, and revel in the fact that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY SO, AND FUCK ANYONE WHO GIVES YOU SHIT ABOUT IT!!!

: Right?

: Wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong. Aaaah! Jesus wept.

I think you maybe over generalizing and overreacting here. But that is a good point.

: Anyway, I think that crazy girl in SAY ANYTHING said it best when she said, "Don't be a GUY, Lloyd. Be a man."

A beautiful quote.

: Yes, "boyweakling," you have the RIGHT to say ANYTHING, no matter how stupid or assinine it may be. But with that right should come the responsibility to EXAMINE your own views, and what you say, and see if it is worthy of being said.

Good point. But I think it needs to be added that he can't say whatever he wants here without some fear of reprimand because this isn't a free for all forum. People can and should be banned for being ignorant pricks.

: I think that when you spew stupid shit, you should feel ashamed of yourself for having done so.

Another good point.

: But hey? Who am I to tell you what's childish or what to say?

And you finished with another good point.

: Right?

bored out of my fucking mind

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