Jay and Silent Bob story...

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Posted by BrodieGod at ip49.md.dialup.beachin.net on August 06, 2001 at 16:47:45:

...well it's more like a short discussion. I went to go see Rush Hour 2 the other night and I was wearing my pimping JASB t-shirt when one of the theatre employee's stopped me and asked me where I got the shirt. At first I thought they were thinking I stole it because two more employee's walked over as well. I told them I got it at my local comic book store (Comics ect., hell yeah Chris...) and they just looked at me like I was lying. The one girl said where? I said in Salisbury. Then she just said oh. And the three of them walked away. Needless to say I was a little uneasy watching the movie for the rest of the night in hopes of not being abducted by theatre employees and having my testicals sacrificed in a ritual to have Shelly Winters look young again. Pretty cool, huh?

"Mommy? Why's his pee-pee littler than mine?"
"Don't look baby! Close your eyes!"

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