The irony is too much.

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Posted by Isis at on August 06, 2001 at 17:14:07:

In Reply to: -- EVERYONE PLEASE READ -- posted by Masamune on August 06, 2001 at 13:15:35:

GLAAD didn't do a single damn thing wrong, or unethical (I take back anything negative I attributed to them earlier -- given that the donation Kevin's making is going to an entirely different institution, it makes any claims of "extortion" null and void).

Everyone's talking shit on the basis that saying whatever you like, regardless of whether it's satire or what the consequences are, it's "free speech". Just lovely! GLAAD happens to have that exact same right and are using it to voice their objections to J&SBSB freely.

They've been nothing but class acts as far as I can tell, unlike a good portion of Kevin's fans. It is incredible to me that after all he's done for the VA fans, Vincent gets disrespected and driven off, and Kevin as well has his wishes and intentions disrespected on the board HE PAYS FOR. It's absolutely sickening. I'm just going to leave it at that because I have nothing nice to say from that point onwards.

-- i
makes me want to shed a tiny tear

: I know your going to flame me to hell for this, but so be it.

: This is not to everyone who uses this board, just to those who like to flame anything saying shit like "FUCK YOU GLAAD". That's childish.

: Vince, Bryan, Kevin, Babka, and Brian all work hard and try to make this board enjoyable.
: Kevin went out of his way to tell you guys about everything that happened with with GLAAD, and you turned into a bunch of rabid wolverines out for blood. Saying, "Fuck gays" or "Fuck those whinny bitches" isn't going to help Kevin or anyone else. It's just going to, and HAS made things worse.

: I've noticed Vincent trying to talk to everyone over this whole matter on the boards and it got so bad that you made him leave. He's gone thanks to you, and the way it's going, others will soon follow.

: I'm not saying I agree with what GLAAD has said, and I'm not gay either. I stand by Kevin and everything he's done or said. I can find easier ways to express my feelings without flamming the boards to high heaven.

: You can be so nice on this board, and at the same time so nasty. You wished a guy who you've never met a happy 31st birthday, and that's great, but you so easily go wild on something that was attacking Kevin when you probably don't know much about it other than they were offended by the movie.

: Again, I am not saying that everyone was acting this way. Some of you were very decent, and behaved.

: This is all I have to say. I hardly ever post anything here, but I felt I had to post this. I expect to be flammed but most of you, and that's what I expect. Hell I just wrote all this about that very thing. So you'll prove me correct. I'd appreciate it though if you'd prove me wrong.

: Thanks.

: -Evan

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