Anonymity has it's own dark side...

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Posted by ChrisP at on August 06, 2001 at 18:27:29:

In Reply to: Boyweakling's atttude crystalizes what's wrong... posted by Darth Dobbin on August 06, 2001 at 14:31:40:

I think that part of the problem stems from the fact that the internet has made it so much easier to make defamatory remarks and trade insults w/o having any true accountability. I mean, so I post something ignorant here and what is the worst that happens? My account is deleted and I open an new one and then start all over again.

The internet provides a place for the meek to become the loud, obnoxious, boisterous fools they themselves generally find intolerable. Sitting behind a keyboard allows for the worst parts of some people to come storming out. After all, these people cannot, and likely do not, act this way in person. But their computer gives them the chance to say all those things that they would never dare say in person.

You put it very well Darth. Just because you have a chance to be obnoxious or rude doesn't mean you need to be. Showing others a little respect now will go a long way to getting the respect you desire when it is important to you. That line from Say Anything fits perfectly.

It is funny, I stayed away from this board for a while because it seemed at one point after the whole Dogma thing that some people here wanted nothing more than to be given an excuse to flame away. Light news seemed to make for angry people. But ultimately, the whole thing has come full-circle from where I sit. Most of those people I feared flaming by seem to have become those that champion rational thought and compassion here today.

Good to be back.

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