Some advice for me if you can spare it...

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Posted by Lucaplakia at on August 06, 2001 at 18:55:45:

Hey Kevin...
How are you doing? I hope the wife and kids are doing fine. Alright enough of all that small talk... One thin that I really admire about you is that you never forget where you came from. I went to school at Red Bank Catholic. Grew up in Long Branch. I use to buy my drum sticks and CD's at Jack's Music, I've seen Jay walking down the street reading a magazine with some chick on my way to drum lessons three years ago at Monmouth Music. I was sitting behind you guys when you went to see Casino with Dinero at the Loews in Eatontown. My buddy went out in the lobby to steal a pen to get your autograph WHILE YOU WERE IN THE MOVIE but I told him to sit the fuck down and leave you two ( you and Miggety Mewews) alone. Shit, I'd be pissed if someone asked me to sign something while I was watching a movie. That was five years ago. With your current success I'd hate to see what fans try to do to get something signed now. Anyway when I saw clerks, it was like 1 in the morning and my movie buddy guru and I said SHIT! Let's check out a bit of movie history and head down to leonardo and check the quick stop out. And there it was! It got me thinking, hey if that guy Kevin Smith can do it, so can I....
Which leaves me to this moment... For a whole month I've been watching all of your movies and trying to learn as much as I can. I've been putting ideas together for my own screenplay, bought books to teach myself all the basics, and even got a copy of Final Draft for my computer. I have e few pages down but my question is,..... What advice can you give a young screenwriter in 100 words or less what could make this journey from 10 to 120 pages a reality? It's all in my head and on pieces of paper everywhere what the story will be but it's getting it down is the tricky part. If you answer this, great! I could really use the advice from a professional, it's the only way to get good. And if you don't, well I gave it a shot... And trust me, as soon as I have it done, I won't bother you with it... I had an art colleague of mine in college called you guys when he graduated. He lives in Middletown, talented guy but he told me your rule back then. It's a good one too cause your mail would be stacked as shit! Thanks for thwe opportunity to ask for advice, best of luck in your new movie, trailer's pretty cool. You'll definitely be getting my eight dollars or whatever. Also from one guy to another, tell your friend Ben Affleck the best of luck with his latest challenge in life. My Dad's an alcoholic so I know that can hurt everybody. You guys help him out too. see you later and tell Mosier he's a tool. Piece out...

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