Chasing intolerance of artistic expression

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Posted by MonsterZero at on August 06, 2001 at 19:04:38:

In Reply to: GLAAD and Chasing Amy deleted scene posted by Darth Angelus on August 06, 2001 at 16:19:16:

: I just bought the Chasing Amy DVD a few dasy ago (I know, I know, sacrilige, but it's hard to shell out 40 bucks for a DVD) and I was wondering how much focus has been put on the deleted scene with Alyssa and Holden playing Skeeball. The scene goes well into GLAAD's statements about passive-agressive gay-bashing, and says alot that Kevin recognizes the problem. That deleted scene alone was enough to make me start thinking more on GLAAD's side... although I am still behind Kevin, the fact that Kevin himself commented on the exact same thing earlier made me more receptive to their complaints

What the fuck are you talking about? These are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Just 'cause Kevin has a knack for writing dialogue that sounds real doesn't mean he feels the same way, be the character gay, straight, male, female, black, white, whatever. It's a comment on human behavior, not a goddamn manifesto.

Why people are so worried about movies, I'll never know. It's REAL LIFE people should be worried about. Some people are cool, and some people are jerks, no matter what their sexual orientation is.

One incident in my life comes to mind ... When my son was just two years old, we lived above the apartment of a lesbian couple. I have plenty of gay and lesbian friends, but I could never get a friendly glance out of these folks. Anyway, they liked to get tanked up on Saturday nights out on the patio ... no problem, except one night they're getting angry drunk and complaining loudly about how ALL men ... gay and straight included ... were vicious rapist assholes and how much they'd like to take a knife and cut all their dicks off. Well, they're ranting like this, at top volume, JUST BELOW my son's bedroom window, so I go downstairs to politely ask them to keep it down. They tell me their little party is none of my business ... I reply that I really didn't want my son to worry that they're gonna cut his dick off, and boy did they get all bent out of shape ... I got shouted at for being a queer-bashing hatemonger, a misogynist, a defacto rapist (all sex involving penile penetration is rape, etc.) I just walked away, and they responded by playing Madonna's "Immaculate Collection" at top volume for the rest of the night.

The point behind this? If I wrote a scene like this and put it into a movie, I'm sure GLAAD would be all over my ass for gay-bashing, even though it's true and I've never had any problems with anyone else based on sexual orientation. I'm hispanic myself and had to suffer the embarassment of watching LULAC (the League of United Latin American Citzens) get all bent out of shape over the goddamn Taco Bell dog ... just because he has a accent doesn't make him a knock at fucking Cesar Chavez. Just because a character is black doesn't make him Martin Luther King. And just because a person is gay, that doesn't make them Matthew Shepherd or Billy Jean King.

We need to get beyond all this ridiculous fear and PC fascism. Expressing an idea is words is the basic freedom that leads to the act of artistic creation ... Sure, once and a while you get a Hitler, who used his command of language to persude others to act like assholes, but he wasn't big on dick jokes and comedic satire. How will we decide what is acceptable speech and what isn't? And WHO is qualified to decide?

A few years back we had the governemnt threatening censorship on the arts based on the nebulous concept of "family values." Is GLAAD so eagar to take up the flag of intolerance toward artistic expression? And attacking a gay-friendly filmmaker to make an example of him? What kind of logic is that?

Because of the dick cutting incident, am I now afraid of lesbians? No, just angry-drunk man-hating lesbians with knives. But I'm not afraid of STORIES about man-hating lesbians. A story can't cut my dick off.


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