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Posted by MemoX33RTY at on August 06, 2001 at 19:18:10:

Sorry if I'm a bit late on this but, I saw Dogma at the cinema, imediately brought Clerks, then Mallrats, then Chasing Amy, so I'm kinda new to the view-askewinverse (did I say that right)

I was chuckling through the hate mail for Dogma just and I'm kinda wondering why did everyone get so [radio edit] off about it ? I'm a Jehovah's Witness, so I am hugely into religion, and I didn't find one thing in the movie that offended me. Any ideas why other people do. Oh, the only thing I can argue against is the god is a woman thing. In Genesis it says that God made man in his own image, so god would have to look like man... right. Mind you, Alanis Morisette wouldn't of looked so good dressed as a man. I think I oughta write some hate mail, you warped the image of God, people are gonna think god is a woman. You bastard :)
Oh, any news on a "Mother's against Kevin Smith" group yet ? I love the mothers groups, so predictable. Couldn't see that South Park was aimed at them, and they did exactly what the film said they would, it's very funny.

P.S. I LUUUUURVE Clerks. I prefered the original ending though.

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