Letter to GLAAD

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Posted by doctorrevill at minnetonka.accuweather.com on August 06, 2001 at 01:03:12:

I hope this isn't old news, but its all new to me, and it got me to
register for this board so here goes................................................

: I figured I'd address this here before it's made public next week.

: 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' is being taken to task (wrongly, I
believe) by GLAAD - the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against
Defamation (for those unfamiliar with the acronym).

Kevin, I liked your comments about Bein' fat and Bein' gay. It takes a
lifetime of retarded queer fat jokes to make someone as sensitive as
us FATTIES are. OOPS, I am being unenlightened again.
Here was my reply to GLAAD...

I would like to drop the gay folks at GLAAD a little note.

1. I voted for George W. Bush during the last election.
2. I proudly sport a Pat Buchanan for President bumper sticker on my
Honda Civic HX.
3. I have seen everything Kevin Smith has ever done and I love it all.
4. I am not a homophobe.
5. I like every gay person I have ever met, and unless they pissed me
off, I still like them.
6. Life goes on.

I doubt very much that anything said or portrayed in "Jay and Silent
Bob Strike Back" concerning gay issues is intended OR even
uninentionally will debase gays or gayness or that community. At
some point in the public debate over homosexuality and rights and
defamation and however else you care to characterize what it is you
think gay people should be and are concerned with, someone must
realize that the words that frame the debate are, well, words. They are
not hate, they are not distrust, and they don't instill anything. They are
just words that loose all meaning when taken from their context.

Each time a group like yours cares to tear down someones creation
for the purpose of elevating your cause a very 2 dimentional debate
inevitably ensues. One that becomes waged in the court of public
opinion, and one which instantly polarizes those who care for either
side to take up arms in outrage and support of their side. It leaves the
vast majority staring at a debate based on nothing, that gets
nowhere, and that never ends for the most diehard defenders of each
side. This sort of thing is exactly what has now been foisted upon me.
A well tuned headline detailing Kevin Smith's latest attacker drew me
in, and several out of context quotes from the article further fueled my
"they're at it again" knee jerk response.

So what is it that GLAAD has done by besmirching another film?
Gotten $10k out of Kevin Smith? Was it worth it? I hope your $10k is
spent on something other that preaching to your choir. I was used to
the fact that you were here and queer a long time ago, now I wish you
would give the rest of America some credit for understanding what
decent behavior is, and for having enough sense to not seek out 2
movie screen potheads as our next messiahs. You at GLAAD are
going to have to realize that tiny parts of the English language cannot
be reserved for use only by trained and properly enlighted individuals.
The vast majority of the population of the US uses the word 'GAY' just
like Jay does in the movie. I use it, and so do many people I know. Its
just a term, an exclamation. I don't know where it came from and I
don't know if it will survive. But right now, its here, its just a word, get
used to it.

But this whole 'controversy' was just an excuse for another shake
down wasn't it? I guess in some sense that is to be admired, the
ends usually do justify the means.

XXX XXXXXX <-------name went here.

I don't know if this is the way that the folks at View Askew feel, but its
how I feel. Kevin Smith, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the last line of
defense against the creatively deflowered forces that make crap like
Armageddon. Oh no wait, Ben Affleck was in that. Ok, um, the forces
that created Titanic. (Yeah that shouldn't offend anyone here. Pat
yourself on your back DOC!) And having said that they must be
defended at almost any cost.

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