Re: here is my long and late letter to GLAAD

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Posted by pinecone at on August 06, 2001 at 19:51:09:

In Reply to: here is my long and late letter to GLAAD posted by ebelroy on August 06, 2001 at 18:48:51:

:Perhaps GLAAD would do better to just make a public statement
noting that such humor can be misunderstood, and in the future
perhaps Mr. Smith find a better way to entertain his audience.

It's refreshing to read anyone concede that maybe there is some
substance to GLAAD's concerns. Up until now most postings seem
to say that GLAAD's tactics are reprehensible and that they
undermine GLAAD's message. Most folks here see GLAAD as being
unwisely opportunistic in the case of JSBSB, and that they're going
after the wrong guy in Kevin.

Here's my take:
GLAAD's #1 concern is making sure that life doesn't get any more
difficult than it already is for gay folks. Scott S. responded to
something in JSBSB and his organization really believes there is a
problem in the humor being misunderstood. They don't care about
Kevin Smith and whether he is a champion or not. They don't care if
you here like them or not. They don't even care if they come out of
this losing in the court of public opinion. They've identified something
that threatens (phsyically, even) their constituency.

I'll say it again: their single purpose is to protect their constituency
from anything that might make life harder for them. ...especially folks
who end up becoming like Matt Shepard (sp?). They're thinking
about those folks in middle america, especially young kids who
might really be at risk.

I still believe their approach sucks and that Kevin certainly doesn't
deserve to be singled out. That said, I sometimes feel we can all
use a little reminder that sometimes humor is the most efficient
delivery mechanism for politics, especially to morons. Kevin
certainly can't be held responsible for his humor in the hands of the
lower common denominator. But GLAAD can be held responsible
for not trying to protect their folks.

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