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Posted by BrodieGod at on August 06, 2001 at 22:04:22:

In Reply to: A simple and brief statement. posted by Isis on August 06, 2001 at 22:00:52:

: There are those of us for whom Chasing Amy is a sign of a greater potential in a certain artistic personality than potty-mouthed language that apparently attracts the very fools it mocks.

: And there are those of us for whom "Mallrats" will always be the pinnacle of cinema.

: That's cool. There are some of us who like Limp Bizkit, some who prefer Led Zeppelin. And some blindsighted folks don't see the difference.

: Now, I blame myself when you begin making fun of me. Because Goddess knows, you do it with such incisive wit. In fact, I'll give you the juice -- I actually *believe* Kevin is a cool guy who is not full of bitter universal hatred. And I do actually care whether or not he's seen that way. HOW NAIVE! Fire away boys!

: -- i
: if I change color and acquire a speech impediment, could I PLEASE hear some of your funny funny jokes?

: : ...for the last couple of days, posts, boards, whatever the hell it is, all everybody's talking about it GLADD and Kevin being a homophobe. WHO THE FUCK CARES. Like Smalls and a number of other people quoted, Kevin isn't against gay people. He's been pissing off gay folk, religious folk, hell, probably even all the critics who think dick and fart jokes are immature and not funny. But who cares. They need to get a life and look at life like it was made...... I don't know what the hell that means but..anyway, what I'm saying is, life is short and the world's a pretty fucked up place. Kev's just out there to make people laugh and he's been doing a great job. Now why the fuck does somebody wanna go and ruin that?! Anybody I see say Kevin is racist, a homophobe or any other shit is either got a stick up their ass, or thinks the world should stay fucked up. Cause all I see Kevin doing is making alot of his old and new fans happy, and I for one see nothing wrong with that. The stuff he makes fun of is funny because it is! If ya all don't want somebody to make fun of something then you shouldn't have started it in the first fucking place. Example whoever started lifting their dick in another guys's your fault so many people are pissed. So you all should be yelling at your goddamn selves instead of Kevin. Oh, yeah..and for all of you who think I'm a dick...FUCK YOU. I got hair on my head thank you. So in other words people....CHILL THE HELL OUT....drink some juicy juice and watch some "In Living Color"'ll feel alot better about yourself instead of running your head off on a web board. You gotta remember something...none of this shit would have been made if it wasn't for Kevin, we should be thanking him and saying "Thank you sir may I have another?" instead of calling him a goddamn homophobe.

: :
: : P.S. Nick at Nite is on....rock on Glen.

: : ~BrodieGod~

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