I just don't want you to think it's funny.

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Posted by Isis at nas-200-113.rochester.navipath.net on August 06, 2001 at 22:06:41:

In Reply to: Re: Show me an ounce of fucking consideration and... posted by DJ Andeee B. Demented on August 06, 2001 at 21:54:52:

'Cause undoubtedly there are other ladies (perhaps gents as well) hanging out here that won't tell you. In real life as well, it's just not a very cool thing to do. People will be bothered.

But you're right, I am just in a bad space. Do you prefer portabello mushrooms or ground beef? You're too young to drink right, that means it'll need at least a bottle of red. I want to corrupt you and protect you at the same time. Let momma take care of you.

-- i
on the very last thread of sanity

: I didn't grow up living a "hard knock life" it wasn't strictly ghetto, I didn't fear for my life, I didn't have to put water in my cereal. I was just pointing out that you know hardly anything about me yet you assume a bunch of shit and at the same time you tell someone not to "assume". As far as showing you consideration, I told you I won't change my posts to please you or anyone, that doesn't mean I won't show consideration because I won't change my sense of humor to please you. If I was someone that hung out with you or emailed you and you told me to stop doing that stuff in front of you, I would without thinking twice......but not here, it's different, and you can get away from it any time by not clicking on my messages...and if seeing "Rape" in the subject line is too much, maybe I'll even stop that if the spaghetti is really good.

: : I would have your back until the end of eternity.

: : If not than oops, what you get is my carelessness.

: : I'm sincerely sorry if you've been living the "hard knock life". But man, how am I to know? When the best answer that you can give to me saying you hurt me with the stuff that comes out of your mouth is "I won't change to please anyone", well...that's about what you get back.

: : Don't think I'm picking on you, I'm just pretty fed up with the lack of caring or whatever that goes on in this non-community and I'm not in the best of moods. I still love you and want to make you spaghetti and brownies.

: : -- i

: : : Don't go making assumptions.

: : : You're telling him to not make any assumptions

: : : "I mean, if you're born a whiteboy in the suburbs and reach the age of 13 without anything significantly painful happening to you, do they send you a manual?"

: : : First of all what does color have to do with this? Second of all what do the suburbs have to do with it? And believe me, Suburbs or not when you live in an apartment complex from elementary school through high school that has a total of 3 white families in it out of 70, something significantly painful happens, at least once a month. Unless you're cock frikken diesel which sadly I'm not. They need to send you a manual on how to be less of a hypocrite.

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