Not like I want to continue with the GLAAD stuff,

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Posted by Darth Dobbin at on August 06, 2001 at 23:57:28:

but I just saw RUSH HOUR 2, and there's a scene where Tucker and Chan go to a high-end clothing store in the Bellagio, and are attended to by a super-fey-gay clerk...

The "joke" is that when he goes to measure Tucker's waist, Tucker rears back and makes as if he's going to punch him.

For, y'know..Working at a clothing store and measuring NEAR the crotch. My audience was ROARING at that point. The WHOLE "joke" rested on actual, real "homophobia" in the most "phobia" sense of the word..That having a gay man NEAR you is a threat, and it's funny to make as if you are gonna hit the gay guy.

It drives to the point that singling out J&SBSB to the media, and focusing the microscope on it is just unfair. And, if Kevin's previous movies are ANY kind of barometer (and I'm not just talking AMY- Randal's ambivalent sexual tastes, penchant for autofellatio stories, and DOGMA's Jay revelations are in this mix), Kevin treats the subject with much less phobia, and more fun being poked AT the phobia itself.

Love View Askew as I do, I don't think the movie is going to do a RUSH HOUR 2 level opening, or affect as many of the target young demographic GLAAD is concerned about.

After all the debate, I **do** see GLAAD's point in general, but think that there are much more egregious, and wider reaching, hills on which to wage the battle.

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