Kevin: Clerks 2, Mallrats 2 and J&SBSB.

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Posted by Chiusano at on August 06, 2001 at 02:03:32:

It's been so long since I've asked a question of you, so here goes. Remember when you, like, asked the board, y'know, a year and a half ago about the possibility of, um, making Mallrats 2 (that's me keeping the Farley memory alive)? Though you only seemed to consider the prospect of 'Rats 2 for about a day and a half, I'm curious as to how it would have fit in with the other projects. That is, would it have been made in addition to J&SBSB or in lieu of it? I've always understood it that Clerks 2 morphed into J&SBSB somewhere along the way, but did the movie actually morph from Clerks 2 to Mallrats 2 to J&SBSB, or were these (or at least some of these) intended to be separate projects?

And when you were briefly chewing on the Mallrats 2 idea, were you thinking of using "Die Hard In A Mall" for the premise or did you even get far enough to consider potential plots?

Also (and I posted this on the Tango Board already, but I'm oddly proud of it, so I'll just post it here as well), I was browsing through an old board from Spring 2000 and found an old post of mine where, with the aid of a strong hint from Kevin, I came pretty close to predicting the J&SBSB plot. Not dead-on, but squarely in the ballpark. And this was at a time when no one even knew what the next movie would be, much less what the plot would concern. So marvel at my keen would-be psychic abilities. Or just humor me.

B. Wolfe

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