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Posted by Bluekah! at on August 07, 2001 at 00:43:44:

For real late night posters(people, not the physical), you might recognize my name, but if not, doesn't really matter. As the subject line states, i feel like rambling a bit. So, I'll cover a couple of things I'm thinking of at the moment. First off, why do people get so pissed at capitalization? I know, "it represents screaming," however, why not just read the text as is (stop the screaming in your mind, and read everything in a relaxed monotone.) Some people do not know "the rules". Forgive them. Just stop saying, "watch the caps," "no caps please!" They'll catch on, newbies always do.

On another note, i feel like discussing the whole, 'art'versus 'writing' arguement that goes on in comics. Yes, "grumble, grumble," I know some of you do not read the funny books ("three years old and he can already read the funny papers.") (for those of you who know fine cinema, you got that little quote), however, since this is kevin's page, I can assume a lot of you do dabble some time into reading the medium known as comics. So, I believe, now that I am older, than when I was so many fortnights ago, gaspsing at the artwork coming from those traitors who started image comics. (although by no means do I consider them traitors.) I used to buy comics from mcfarlene and larsen and even the dreaded liefield because of the art. but, in my old age of 23, I have found myself buying comics from those creators that can write. of course i've bought everything that is smith, but have then expanded onto gennis (i've bought a preacher trade paperback every week for the past seven weeks, and am almost at his swan song that is "Alammo". I never thought of buying anything daredevil until ks decided to tackle that title. I loved...loved it. his take on mysterio was brilliant. (especially loved it since i was an old school ((at least for my age)) spiderman fan. I never really gave a crap about batman until i read 'dark night returns'. writing will always drive the story, and cinematography (artwork) will always, always be secondary. case in point, visually, you can't beat independence day. (the shadow of the spaceships conveyed fear...period.) however, story wise, yeah, it sucked. another point to back me up is obviously...clerks, visually, a big ole turd, story wise...witty, funny, fucking the epitome of early nineties twenty somethings. so, for all you young readers, although i'm sure you're not up at this hour, know this, find the people who can tell magical, funny, heart wrenching stories, and you will find yourself with great movies, comics, etc. stop looking at visuals, and start looking at JMS (he now writes amazing spiderman for those who do not know, and writes the best comics out today in 'rising stars and midnight nation' So, my one word of advice is, stop caring about the things you can see, and start realizing that these peoples' words are far greater. your imagination can always draw a better story...which is why i love screenplays as apposed to films. once again, these are just my ramblings...enjoy...or flame me...which i'm sure is coming....stormin norman....wesley pipes..anyone...anyone.

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