Which Ethan are you talking about? *NT*

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Posted by FearofSpam at cx714369-b.okcne1.ok.home.com on August 06, 2001 at 02:07:12:

In Reply to: Dirty Laundy posted by Malcolm Load on August 06, 2001 at 01:58:25:

: Just a quick note before i go into this story.......It's all my personal
: views.

: None of it has anything to do with the other fine folk at VIEW ASKEW

: There was a very funny incident that happened whilst shooting JAY AND
: SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK at a bar named VINYL in Los Angeles.

: Now...Anyone who was at San Diego and was at the panel saw a videotape
: that included the COCK KNOCKER FILES....And after that was a really short
: clip of Mewes dressed to the nines in pimp gear.....Callled appropriately
: enough...THE PIMP FILES.......There will be more of that in the
: documentary.

: One thing I don't think WILL be allowed in the documentary is some other
: footage that night......

: Ethan and his Hollwood Possee telling Mewes.....and I quote...." Get
: lost....Hollywood is OUR turf" all fucking WEST SIDE STORY style.

: What began as Mewes innocently walking up to Ethan in the VIP section to
: say hi....culiminted in one of Ethan's (snicker) peeps getting in Mewes'
: face...."Ethan don't want to be bugged"...something confusing to Jason, of
: course....because of their history.

: Jason persisted...dude got in Mewes' face even more......Mewes shoved him
: over a couch.

: Cut to

: I walk outside the bar to be greeted by a who's who of young Hollywood
: looking to protect their turf from the JERSEY threat.

: I wish I was making this up.

: And as Jason isn't yet as big and powerful as Ethans H-Wood B-Boy
: possee......Leo, Tobey et al

: Ethan backed the home team.

: Left our boy from Jersey out to dry.

: And I have it all on tape.

: I mean...It was pretty funny to get fight eyes from SPIDERMAN...(Leo
: however wasn't there)

: The story gets a little more detailed.....but that's the gist.

: It's rare one gets to witness such a display of misguided wigger B-boy
: posturing........Let alone from Hollywood "elite"

: It's a sad state of affairs.

: -M

: P.S

: To say something about Mewes...I talked to him tonight and said i was
: going to post this story.........The only thing he said was that he missed
: Ethan...and tried calling him a couple of days ago.

: Stay gold pony boy

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