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Posted by OliverQ at on August 07, 2001 at 01:40:32:

Ok, I know that this technically counts as an off-topis post, but why are people so rude on this board? I could to some degree be considered a Newbie as I have sledom actually posted to this board, but I have been reading it for quite some time. It always amazes how people are so willing to jump all over each other correcting little msitakes and criticizing them when they praise Kevin Smith. I admit that sometimes I find it funny when people post trying to get Kevin to hang out with them, but to some degree isn't that the goal of a lot of people who post here? We are all big fans of Kevin's work, and more so, his loyalty and devotion to his fans. Everyone here would like the chance to talk to Kevin and just shoot the bull, see what Kevin thinks, what makes him tick and claim bragging rights for being able to say that they got to talk to Kevin. Just because we all recognize that this will not always happen is not a great reason to jump all over them and mock them.

Oh, and I know that this post will recieve it's share of criticsm, and I wouldn't be surprised if Brian jumps all over me, hopefully I have kept this post relatively free of grammatical and spelling errors, but we are all human.

And then there is the incessant pounding of newbies for all of their little mistakes. I understand that long time readers/posters of this board feel that everyday more and more people are just jumping on the bandwagon and posting silly messages about how they are such big fans, and that with each additional member the group grows and feels less close, less tightly knit as it once was, but if people did not appreciate Kevin's movies, and his fan base didn't grow, he wouldn't be making the bank. I guess I will stop this rant from a depressed, cynical, bitter young man who has not lived long enough to truly build up such distaste for people and their behaviors. This is just something that I am typing as I think about and I know that I will be flamed for it, but I wanted to get it off of my chest.

I admit that the board would not be the same without all of the little zingers and pokes that long time members take at new posters asking Kevin to come hang out with them, read their scripts, invite them to premiers or cast them as an extra in his newest movie.

Flame on.


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