My thoughts on the whole GLAAD ordeal.....

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Posted by Jeff Lebowski at on August 07, 2001 at 10:39:54:

I'm just expressing my humble opinion, I could be right or I could be wrong. I think the GLAAD are a group of hypocritical morons. The reason that people joke about them is because they are the center of attention. They are always in the news, I can even go as far to say that the name Scott Seomin is a household name by now! If they wouldn't go on these tirades against every single thing that comes out (no pun intended), chances are, they wouldn't be made fun of half as much! People make fun of whats going on at the time or whats on the news. Take Linda Tripp, people would joke about her every day a couple of years ago, but now, the whole Clinton ordeal is over, no one ever makes mention of her. So if the GLAAD would not be so overly sensitive they wouldn't be made fun of. The reason I call them hypocrits is because thats what they are. They say they just want acceptance, to be treated like every one else, in films and otherwise.
But that's not true! Say Die Hard had come out in 2001, and Hans Gruber was a homosexual, would they be happy? No! They would say that it portrays homosexuals in a negative light, and makes teen boys think it's ok to push them out of a 40 story building! That's bullshit! It would prtray them in a very good light. It shows that they can be doctors or lawers or meglomaniac terrorists, American, German or Irish, good or evil. Just like anyone else. They want to accepted by society, but to only be portrayed in a positive light and to never be made fun of, in fact to never even be joked about, and that's not possible. I would like to enforce that I do not have anything against homosexuals, but I do have a problem with the GLAAD.

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