Re: its a fine line between fan and stalker :-)

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Posted by axisnms at on August 07, 2001 at 11:41:24:

In Reply to: Re: its a fine line between fan and stalker :-) posted by leroy_sanchez on August 07, 2001 at 01:55:33:

My, my.
people like you make me smile. sounds like the fan boy himself feels the need to defend him self. I'm so sorry I didn't mean in impose on your great all knowing all judging domain of wisdom. you must be the great indie film maker that has come to save us all from our selfs. ahhhhh, I laugh. I guess your not a fan boy, because you can say 'damn fanboy bitches' ooooooooh. and you can "use" "quotations" to prove your "point". but sadly you see my dear friends I am realitively new here and have yet to ever use movie quotes to impress people. I'm quite happy with my own quotes thanks you. but wait! what is wrong with me?
no, no, this does NOT seem right....I'm not even slightly hurt by anything you say. oh no what IS the world coming to? fact is, what I said before I base on some thing I like to regularly engage and some of my friends we like to call it reality. neat huh? when I've met people I respect in a group of people, most people freak and have nothing to say. I on the other hand don't care. I'll say what ever I'd say to anyone I'd meet for the first time. oh, and I dont "claim" to be creative....I am.
said and done. I have no need to prove it...why would I? so before you go on to say things I'm alluding to, read the post your responding to then....stop....think...THEN reply. sorry "us people" piss you off lord of excellent! but anyhoo, thanks for the judgement!
woo hoo!

: you think you take offense? not sure? damn fanboy bitches, you people piss me off, following someone else trying to leech off of their ideals and whatnot in order to claim that you yourself are "creative". its sad that you must assume that the rest of the world would turn into quivering speechless idiots, wheras in reality, your attempting to impress the "subject" using obscure movie quotes, and allusions to things which you are merely hoping that they will recognize as a piece of "creativity". how sad is that

: :
: : why should I be a stalker? I think I take offense. I don't hold any one in the world in a postion over myself. I have already met some of the most influential people people in my life already and I treat them as normal people....because they are. I'm just as creative as the ones I admire, I'll meet them one way or another along the line. I'm not a fan boy....
: : I'm just not afraid to meet people. some people turn into quivering speechless iddiots. I don't have time in life to follow some one else around, or brood over meeting people or not. I like people who think like me....thats it. :)

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