Of COURSE he is...

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Posted by Pseudo at spider-mtc-ta024.proxy.aol.com on August 07, 2001 at 11:43:20:

In Reply to: Burton=overrated__POTA=low point of his career posted by Somnambulist on August 07, 2001 at 11:06:31:

...he crossed Kevin Smith, therefore he is persona non grata.

I don't know if he really stole the Apes ending or not. But couple that with the whole Superman (5) Lives fiasco, and all of a sudden he's blackballed by VA fans.

It's astounding, really.

You'd think it'd end, with everyone pointing out what a predictable animal many of you are.

Peter David, Reese Witherspoon, Alex Ross(though the asshole deserves it), Burton...how many more talented people have to cross Kevin Smith for you all to then similarly despise?

I'm a fan of Kevin Smith's work, and think he's great as a person...but Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, you don't have to go around saying someone is mediocre and overrated, just because Kevin has his own problems with them.

You don't know the minute details, but it persists, anyway.

If there's one thing he's not, Burton is neither overrated, nor mediocre.

Every good director has a less-than-stellar film every once in a while.

Burton, however, is an amazing director. I question his full creative control over Planet of the Apes.

You want to talk overrated? Mediocre? How about Steven Soderbergh, who makes these MASTERPIECES, which happen to all be remakes and projects based off the works of others. Traffic wasn't even fucking good, and it was full of cliches.

Then he makes Oceans 11, which is another remake, and we have Hollywood's "elite" starring in it and gushing about what a genius he is.

He ain't no fucking genius...and if he crosses Kevin Smith in the future, we'll be hearing my sentiments echo on this board a WHOLE fucking lot more.

And folks, that's just the honest truth of the matter.

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