Trying hard at what?

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Posted by Smalls at on August 07, 2001 at 12:10:32:

In Reply to: Since today. I'm trying really hard, believe me. posted by Isis on August 07, 2001 at 11:52:59:

It honestly sounds like you're having a nervous breakdown, Ice. A WEB-BOARD INDUCED nervous breakdown.

And here's the thing... before this? You had most people's grudging respect, for always holding your ground, even if you only held it in a very ad nauseum "never granting even the most obvious points" kinda way. My respect, at least.

And now, you're going off the deep end, not understanding the most blatant of jokes, wildly accusing people of insensitivity based wholly on their gender and ethnicity... being a contrarian just to be contrary.

Seriously consider just flat out leaving for a while, Isis, while you still have a little respect from some of us... no grand dramatic announcement, no "I'm only around to answer what I want", no lurking without telling us... just leave for a bit.

Chill down. Live in only the real world for a while.

And granted, yes, all the asshole homophobes have come out of the lurker woodwork, you're right, it's disgusting... but lashing out at Andy whose long proven himself to be a tolerant guy who just parodies anything? An obvious joke on POTA by sean, one of the smartest guys in these parts, followed up by Kevin... and you don't get the subtle gag?

Isis, you've seen too many of the bad guys, now you're looking too hard at even the most obvious of the good guys, trying to paint them ill.

And then, when you're refuted, you say "No, you're lying, it's all a coverup."

You've gone from our wacky representative of the "thinks Andrea Dworkin ain't radical enough" camp... to a flailing accusatory psychotic. Stand down... for your own good and ours.


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