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Posted by Darth Dobbin at on August 07, 2001 at 13:16:20:

In Reply to: Frankly, Smalls my dear, I don't give a fuck. posted by Isis on August 07, 2001 at 12:44:29:

Hey, you know I'm in your corner,and am an unrepentant "Isis-booster" but....

Isn't this a bit over the top?

I dunno, maybe I'm just a horrible cynic, but I don't see the "racist/sexist/mysogynist/whatever" preponderance as being a function of Kevin's fans, so much as being a function of ANY random group of people.

One's "fellow man" is, statically, more likely to be a "JoeyCheriPopper" or a "StorminNorman" more than, say, a Hawkboy (Or Hawk2K, or whatever), or a Tishel Aromatic. (Man, is that geekily Board-self-referential.) What I'm saying is that the "enlighted" to "unenlightend" ratio has ALWAYS been dire, in all of recorded history. Why should it be different here? And, if, in all of recorded history, it hasn't changed (roughly a 99 to 1 split, and that's a figure brimming with optimism), isn't it an act of ultimate hubris to assume that by some words, you'll change it?

You can't take people's general brutishness to heart; doing so will either cause you to run off and be some sort of Ted Kascynski-like hermit, or pull out your hair and spoon out your eyes.

It should be noted that BOTH of these reactions are, at their core, "selfish," in that they assume that the hermit or the hair-puller is somehow RESPONSIBLE for changing people.

And there's this added danger. The first item sacrificed on the altar of zealotry is Sense of Humor. When that goes, it's all lost.You can redouble your efforts while losing sight of your goals, and soon, you are just another "screamer" or "flamer," but screaming and flaming from a different perspective.

Life is an absurdist comedy, if you look at it the right way. (Don't believe me? check the link). If you look at it ANOTHER way, it's a miserable tragegy, and full of woe and pain. But since you are doing the looking, why not choose the perspective that lets you laugh?

And I *do* think that you have lost perspective on this. Of course more dippy folk are around; internet usage is more saturated, and the films are more widely seen. I think Kevin's amused response to the Half Baked guy was on-target. He's a silly oddball on a web-board, with a Quixote-like quest to champion an obscure, vaguely entertaining drug move. Anybody so driven over something so silly is a punchline in the grand comedy, no?

Here's my take. I **love** the concept and potential of humanity, but very few of the motherfuckers in particular. Love who you love, and eff the rest of 'em. Don't get so bent out of shape for people who you don't know, and who aren't worth the bending. Because all it leaves you is bent, and in such a state, your humor is gone, you're all frazzled, and they're still the creeps they were at the onset.

No net gain.

But I'm puzzled- why try to be "banned," when you could a) just not read the board, or b)not post, or c) find some other place to "virtually" hang out?
And even if you WERE banned, (which I hope you aren't), if "addiction" drives you, re-registering is the simplest thing in the world. Look at the half-baked dude. How many bannings has he arisen from, pheonix-like from the ashes and bong water?

In short, shrug, Tiny Atlas. You need not carry the weight of the world on yourself. It'll only throw out your back.

Be well.

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