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Posted by Nate Dogg at on October 22, 2001 at 15:41:16:

First things first, and I ask all the fuckin' time and usually get some kind of response that is never a yes or no answer... just maybe. So, I'm gonna ask if there is any update:

1) Is anything ever gonna come of the original Vulgarthon footage and interviews that were shot? Anything at all? Is this about "no time to do it?" Do you need/want an intern to go through and edit it together for you? What is up? Does this footage still exist?

Alright, got that off the chest. Second. This one is more directed at Vin and Kevin, but Brian if you want to make some sort of comment, you are more than welcome to:

2) Ever think of putting a fan commentary on any of the discs? I know that this sounds like a nightmare of an idea, but, say for the Jay and Bob disc, you held some sort of contest that invited two to five fans to sit with the two of you and Scott and chatted about the fan experience of the movie. I don't mean grab random winners or something, but pick a few people who are diehard fans, and could hold an interesting conversation with the filmmakers about the movie. Not the "I love Jay and Bob 'cause they smoke weed" kind of viewer, but the kind of fans that have been around the block, through thick and thin, know a few things and could mini-Q&A you through the flick. Without seeming like I'm sucking his dick here or anything like that, but guys like Smalls who have something to say of some original thought. Ever think of anything along these lines for DVDs or is it just, as I said, a nightmare?

And this one goes out to Vin and Lynch as I ask Kevin this question religiously and know that he still hasn't seen it:

3) Ever seen 'Dream a Little Dream' with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, and if so, what are your thoughts? Vin, I know I asked you once if you'd ever cast these two, but I don't remember if I ever quizzed you to see if you've seen the film.

Funny side note to tie this flick and make it relevant. Ready for some 'six-degrees' work here? In the Dogma commentary, when referreing to how Kevin direct as opposed to other "all form/no content" directors, Affleck mention's Marc Rocco's 'Murder in the First.' Marc Rocco who directed the two Coreys in.... Dream a Little Dream.

See that? Everything is cyclical.

-- Nate

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