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Posted by Phoojoeniam at on October 24, 2001 at 21:07:57:

In Reply to: *sigh* posted by The_Trouble on October 24, 2001 at 21:01:52:

: : Ming and Holytoads don't come down to your work and tell you how to do your job. Kindly don't do that to them either.

: 1. They're very welcome, any time they like. They should, therefore, extend the same courtesy to me. And given that their job is totally reliant on people like me coming down to their work, I'd say you were wrong. If we all went away, they'd have nothing to do, so they NEED people like me to come here and tell them to PLEASE kindly flip the fucking board.

: 2. As I have outlined below, I pay their wages. I think I have the right to request a new board. It's not like it's a huge chore or anything.

There is quite a difference between "request" and "command," and for this case, you are doing the latter.

: 2. If they don't need people to tell them how to do their job, why would they need someone to tell me that they don't need someone to do their job? Congratulations, you're the most pointless person here. I recommend sleeping pills.

Hmmhmm... and since when has 2 come after 2?

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