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Posted by Theguessguy at on October 22, 2001 at 16:23:34:

In Reply to: Really hard to follow, but I think i understand . posted by Jennifer_ann_7 on October 22, 2001 at 12:50:53:

: : Hey all! In the best seling/renting DVD/VHS flick ever, however the worst grossing Box office movie ever, :

: Um ok . . .

: :"Mallrats" has 2 mentions to Walt Flannigan. The obvious one that Jay says in the eatery, and the hidden one at the dirt mall! Brodie(Godly Pimp Among Men) says "Hey Walt!" U KNOW HES TALKING TO WALT FLANNIGAN! Not just some other guy with the same name!:

: How do you know it wasn't his cousin Walt that "once jerked off in public once"?

Cause according to Randal in "Clerks" he said that he broke his neck and died trying to suck his own dick. Proving that since in Clerks it was Saturday and Mallrats was Friday that he could not be there to yell back at Brodie.

Also, if you listen, after Brodie says "Hey Walt!" the guy in the background says "Brodie!" If you know Walt Flannigan's voice as Fan Boy, you know that the voice that yells, is, in fact, too deep to be Walt Flannigans. So, there! ;p

What I think Kevin was getting at was the fact that he either knew alot of Walts or Walt was his favorite name or something. The voice sounded more like an adult (really old) Walt... who was that voice? No idea.

: :I did have a question! At the end of "Mallrats" Brodie becomes the host of "The Late Show". In "Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back" he owns his own comic store, and the newspapaer on the wall behind him says, "Brodie Bolts". What happened?:

: I think Kevin would say, "Well, what do you think happened? Thats up for the viewer to decide." Think about it, and get back to us . . .

Good call.

: Jennifer


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