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Posted by TheMojoPin at on October 22, 2001 at 19:54:20:

So, anyone see "From Hell"? I did, and I went into with HUGE expectations since in my mind, Alan Moore's "From Hell" is THE greatest graphic novel. EVER. And you know what? The film wasn't half-bad...in fact, I really, really enjoyed it. It's purposely not a "BOO!! SCARED YA!" sort of film, instead it has a finely layered constant sense of dread and creepiness which works really well with the subject matter...unfortunately, it attempts to act as a "whodunnit," whereas in the book you know who is doing the killings the entire time. The book is best known (And deservedly so) for the incredible amount of research and historical detail Moore put into it, and forunately a lot of small aspects of that attention to detail makes it into the movie. The Hughes brothers really shine and manage to stretch their legs as filmmakers. Depp is cool, but really seems to be on sort of autopilot, playing yet another variation of the aloof, tortued loner...Graham is finally in another role since "2 Girls And a Guy" and "Boogie Nights" that actually reached out to me, though she does play the most implausibly beautiful Victorina hooker ever...the cast is excellent, including the always welcome Robbie Coltrane. And as for the actual killings, well...I'm not one to get squeemish over movie violence, but as anyone who has read the book knows, this thing gets really, REALLY graphic. Comendably, the Hughes brothers keep things scary and violent without making it cheesy and exploitative. I wish a little more of the immense history of both London, it's people, and the conspiracy that is uncovered that was evident in the book version was present in the film, but the filmmakers work well with what the have, especially since keeping everything in the book would amount to an 8 hour film. In all, a really great film for the Halloween season, and a nice breakout for the Hughes brothers...


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