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Posted by TheMojoPin at on October 22, 2001 at 20:16:30:

In Reply to: Hey Mojo!.. posted by zeta on October 22, 2001 at 20:01:20:

: . The terrorist seem to be hitting REALLY well known events (for instance I should probably worry about Mardi Gras. Talk about decadent debauchery). It seems to me that the really hard core Kevin fans are the ones who know about Vulgarthon and yes there are a hell of a lot of us---we simply don't outnumber the general population. And honestly-I just can't see a terrorist sitting in front of his tv watching Kevin Smith movies going "Smoochie Boochie Bitch" IOW-I don't think we have THAT much to worry about. How ya been otherwise?
: Zeta

I know, odds are any terrorists aren't going to hit something like that...but nowadays, even though I don't notice myself wandering around with any kind of fear, you always give a quick thought to a "what if?" that seems a tad too real for my tastes...happened right after Columbine, too...even though I had just entered college, I still remember when I was around different part sof the campus I would absently think of what I would do if someone burst in and started shooting...it's not that I'm actively afraid of these sort of things, I just hate the fact that it actually seems so feasable now...

And on THAT note, I'm doing alright otherwise...I'm out of school, making a go at the independant film thang fulltime with my fellow film buddies...we had been shooting a documentary on the much neglected music scene in DC, as well as the contrast between everday city life and the fact that we live in the nation's capitol...we had shot a good 50+ hours of footage before September 11, and now all that old footage seems so much lighter and carefree than what we shoot now. Nowadays, even when people are trying to have a goodtime and get on with things, there's just sort of a nasty blanket of "blah" over the city, and these latest anthrax developments are just going to make it worse...my dad has worked for the counter-terrorism division with The Agency for years now, and now he's never home, working 12-15 hour days during the weeks and then another 6-8 hours each day of the weekend...I feel bad for the guy, because even though he's real confident and enthusiastic about what's being done now, little cracks show where he just seems to feel so helpless and guilt-ridden over what happened...plus he has some creepy stories...the worst one is about one of the conspirators arrested here in the states who was belived to be also another expected highjacker, though his plans fell through and he was arrested after September 11th...he was known to the FBI and CIA because he had gone to flight school and specifically stated that he didn't need/want to learn how to land or take off in a plane, just fly it. He was turned away from the school and was actually reported to the local authorities, who notified the FBI. The investigated, but at the time couldn't find any links to anything, so they just decided to continue watching him...when the FBI briefed the Agency, they brought this little issue up and everyone laughed when my dad half-jokingly said "well of course he doesn't want to learn how to land or take off, he'd just crash [the plane] into a building if he could get his hands on one"...shitty story, yeah, but really, at the time, they had no evidecen linking this guy to anything, so they thought he was just an independant or in a single, localized cell...so by watching him, they managed to nab him, but unfortunately the others came as a suprise...but enough, I digress, I'm just venting now...to answer your questions, I'm doing better, things are looking good despite the news, and I'm happy to be back on! Thanks for asking!


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