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Posted by Jim Shady at on October 22, 2001 at 13:14:59:

In Reply to: FINALLY saw Mallrats!! My opinion and questions.. posted by kneel b4 the daughter of Jorel on October 22, 2001 at 13:02:41:

: Who's Walt Flanagan? I saw his name in the credits, but what exactly was his purpose in the movie and why didn't we see his face?

A friend of Kevin's from way back (and he still works at the Stash). He was in the film - he was the guy outside the comic store in the red hockey jersey (VA hockey jersey, in fact), and he uttered the immortal line "Tell him, Steve-Dave!"

: Why wasn't Julie Dwyer shown? Along with her funeral? Or was that in Clerks?

She died that morning. What, you want to see a corpse? Ghoul! Her funeral wasn't until the next day - Mallrats was set the day before Clerks.

: Where can I order the posters that were hanging in Brodie's room?

Try the Stash, or if they're film posters, try some specialist shops/

: Did Brodie perhaps have an incident (a very unhappy one) with escalators when he was younger? Is that why he kept yelling at the kid on the escalator?

You don't have to have had something happen to you before you can be concerned about it.

: Are Tricia, Heather, and Alyssa all related?


: I loved the Vulcan Neck Pinch Bob did on the security guards! And, I love his sayings! Whatever it was he said to the security guards when he hit them upside the head made me roll on the floor laughing!

"Come, son of Jor-El - kneel before Zod!" Quote from Superman 2.

: And Jay and I have something in common: our love for Wolverine!!

You have something in common with a film character? Cool - if you believe in God, you should watch Dogma - you'll be overcome by how many characters you have something in common with in that.


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