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Posted by kneel b4 the daughter of Jorel at on October 22, 2001 at 13:16:05:

In Reply to: Answers... posted by Jim Shady on October 22, 2001 at 13:14:59:

: : Who's Walt Flanagan? I saw his name in the credits, but what exactly was his purpose in the movie and why didn't we see his face?

: A friend of Kevin's from way back (and he still works at the Stash). He was in the film - he was the guy outside the comic store in the red hockey jersey (VA hockey jersey, in fact), and he uttered the immortal line "Tell him, Steve-Dave!"

: : Why wasn't Julie Dwyer shown? Along with her funeral? Or was that in Clerks?

: She died that morning. What, you want to see a corpse? Ghoul! Her funeral wasn't until the next day - Mallrats was set the day before Clerks.

: : Where can I order the posters that were hanging in Brodie's room?

: Try the Stash, or if they're film posters, try some specialist shops/

: : Did Brodie perhaps have an incident (a very unhappy one) with escalators when he was younger? Is that why he kept yelling at the kid on the escalator?

: You don't have to have had something happen to you before you can be concerned about it.

: : Are Tricia, Heather, and Alyssa all related?

: Yes.

: : I loved the Vulcan Neck Pinch Bob did on the security guards! And, I love his sayings! Whatever it was he said to the security guards when he hit them upside the head made me roll on the floor laughing!

: "Come, son of Jor-El - kneel before Zod!" Quote from Superman 2.

: : And Jay and I have something in common: our love for Wolverine!!

: You have something in common with a film character? Cool - if you believe in God, you should watch Dogma - you'll be overcome by how many characters you have something in common with in that.

: Jim

I have seen Dogma, but not the Special Edition. I'm waiting until Christmas to get that.

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