Re: Methinks ye be smoking ye olde wacky tobaccy....

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Posted by Stormin Norman at on October 22, 2001 at 21:17:39:

In Reply to: Methinks ye be smoking ye olde wacky tobaccy.... posted by TheMojoPin on October 22, 2001 at 21:09:13:

Good another player that gets the sarcasm....

I think Perry used to eat the quarterbacks. Perry was like a huge silverback gorilla!

I had that GI Joe too. But he was killed one day by a drunken Ken doll who was drinking while driving the Barbie Dream Corvette that my sister had. I also had that vibrating football game where you would set up the pieces and then turn on the board and they would move around. But my sister kept taking it into her room and sitting on it until it broke....


: : J/k... Back in the days of Milli Vanilli, remember Refridgerator Perry? He played for the Bears a while back. I think he was awesome. He was the fatest player in Football history I think....
: : If your going to be something you might as well be the best at it.

: Oh man, that better be sarcasm...

: The fastest at what, eating out an entire buffet? The Fridge was badass when it came to blocking and crushing some poor quarterback, but the fat bastard could barely waddle, much less run into the endzone...still, he was a big sexy bastard with that gap-toothed smile...hell, I even had his limited edition GI Joe action figure...came with a football on a chain...undoubtably he was "accidentally" ventilated by Roadblock after his first couple of swings with that thing...

: And for the record, his glory days were before Milli Vanilli, back in the days of Inspector Gadget and "Back To The Future," the mid-80's...

: Aight, I'm done..."now make like a tree, and get outta here!"

: -TMP

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