OK. Will do. I do better with gory books even...

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Posted by zeta at a010-0459.rlgh.splitrock.net on October 22, 2001 at 21:21:08:

In Reply to: That it is. Do me a favor... posted by TheMojoPin on October 22, 2001 at 20:44:18:

graphic novels. I can choose to NOT turn the page-A movie...I have to run out and then I miss key things and don't find out the ending. Book-I can pick and choose. hehe.

: Wherever you look for it (And it's probably at all book stores now as a movie tie-in...I had to order mine about two years back, and it took forever!) in the odd chance you see a copy of the ultra-rare hardcover, let me know where...I'm really desperate to find one, no matter the price...and yup, it's a good ol' "fancy picture book," a graphic novel...and actually, can you take gory comics? Because this one puts most to shame...also in terms of sexuality...it's very blunt, raw, at times foul, and shocking. I took it fine, but if you're of the delicate stomach, well, the movie is a walk through the park compared to the book...

: -TMP

: : The book-I mean. Its a graphic novel isn't it? That I can handle. Gory movies I cannot. That was some interesting shit you told me down below. It is a bit depressing. But HEY-we only only got one life-might as well live it, right? smile
: : Zeta
: : : Basically comes down to this: the film sensationalizes a popular theory that the British prince was diddling a "commoner" and through this secret affair produced a child. The Queen heard of this, and to avoid scandal, ordered the royal doctor to "handle the matter." She never gave specifics, just left it in his hands. The prince's girl was sent to an asylum and lobotomized, but the child was taken by her nanny, Mary Kelly. Kelly left the child with her grandparents and went off her own, though now destitute, she takes to alcohol and prostituion. When her hooker friends find out what she knows, they plan to blackmail the royal family to get the money they need to pay off the street thugs threatening them with violence unless the girls pay them a certain share of their wares each week. When the royals leanr that the baby is still out there and someone knows, the doctor is sent out again. A member of the secret occult order The Freemasons, the docotr plans to kill the girls, making their murders into a giant Mason ritual. (The masons actually exist, and consist mostly of the wealthy and various leaders of cities, countries, states, etc., and they are blamed in nearly every conspiracy ever since they have existed for at least a thousand years, supposedly.) At this point, the book "From Hell" adds in much more the enrichen this porbably fictional tale. The movie sticks pretty much to the standard idea above, but the book says that when the doctor (Sir Gull) had a mild stroke a few years before the murder, he thought he saw the Mason god, I think called Jubela. So basically, Gull thinks he's on a mission from God. Which leads to the murders, and attempts to explain why the murders were committed as they were...trust me, read the book ASAP. You will NOT be disapointed. It's a literary masterpiece...

: : : -TMP

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