Kevin and Vincent, V-Thon doc footage questions...

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Posted by Hamster69 at on October 23, 2001 at 09:09:13:

Does the documentary footage from the first Vulgarthon still exist?

I ask because, with the new Vulgarthon coming around, I thought it would be neat to do a kind of introspective comparison of Vulgarthons from then to now, as Kevin's popularity, and cinematic creations, have grown considerably since then. You know, do another interview series with the fans in the line, maybe catch some hotel party goodness, do some interviews with the names in red and the other workers for the event and then edit it in with footage from the Q&A's and such. It'd be a nice item to be able to offer to those fans who've never been able to go to the Vulgarthons, and as a nice nostalgia piece for those regulars who go to every event they can.

And of course, if no one wants to step up and do it, but the idea seems sound, I'd love a crack at it. Gratis, obviously. Thoughts, Vincent, Kevin...

And before someone yells at me for asking for a job, I am not asking to be paid or employed by View Askew. I'm asking for permission to use previously recorded footage and newly recorded footage on an independent project for View Askew and the fans. I'm not asking for money, or constant employment. Just had an idea...

And Vincent, in case you wondering, back in '98 I asked you what a script supervisor did, and you gave me an incredibly thorough answer (not that I would expect anything less) and I now have, to my credit, many professional script supervisor jobs in my crew history. Thank you for that. And regardless what they say, minidisc does sync up with 16mm. I've done it on two seperate projects now as sound technician, and they've both turned out fine in both sound quality and sync.

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