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Posted by doz at on March 15, 2003 at 20:05:52:

I wish I could stop wasting my time posting this damn question, but I made a bet with someone who entered the contest that I would get an answer of some sort by summer.....What is the status of the "Get published by Kevin Smith" Wizard contest?!!! I know Kevin posted an answer last August, but a little update(being it's the middle of March) just to keep peoples hope up that all their work wasn't wasted on the wim of someone who thought it would be a cool idea at the time, but now his priorities are elsewhere, and just hopes it will go away. I know I'm sounding like an ass(especialy after the poor guys house problems), but the guy I have a bet with put in many, many, many, hours on his entry, and in my opinion it was quite good. I just hate seeing him keep his hopes up that he has a chance at winning if the damn contest has been cancelled, or forgotten....PLEASE if someone "offical" can post, or if someone can tell me of an offical answer to this question I'd appreciate it, and I'd even promise to spend my winnings at the Stash! PLEASE help.....I'm sick of posting this shit!

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