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Posted by ImprovGuy at on March 17, 2003 at 10:56:11:

In Reply to: Well, it's crunch time ... posted by Le Grande Illusion on March 17, 2003 at 10:37:39:

... my opinion (although not popular on this board) is to go in there and get that bastard Saddam out of there. Unfortunatly there has to be a war in order to do this, but I of the opinion that nobody (yes, that means our President too) really wants to go to war. Saddam needs to leave, he's had his opportunity to do so time and time again... and time and time again he is still f-ing with the rest of the world. He needs to be stopped before he goes too far. Look what happened in Germany in the 30's and to the surrounding countries. The U.S. kept out of it and really didn't help too much, until it finally started affecting us - then we went in and kicked some serious ass. This man is killing his own people, slattering innocents from other countries, promoting terroist organizations, etc. If he doesn't get stopped now, when? If the U.S. doesn't do something, who will? Yes, other countries don't agree with the U.S. and Britian - but look at the population of Muslims in those countries. France and Germany have very high Muslim population - if they were to show public support of this pending war they would face imminent danger of terrorist attacks on themselves and they don't want that. We will take care of this problem and start the process of riding the world of people like Saddam and years from now people will be thankful. Granted, I have no delusions that by going to war there is going to be a sudden Utopia, but come on - this guy needs to be stopped! I believe he had knowledge and supported the destruction of the world trade center on 9/11 - killing millions of people in a terrorist act. This made me angry then and it makes me angry now! It seems (and this isn't directed at anyone in particular) that a lot of people have forgotten about this! He should be stopped, anyone he supports should be stopped and anyone who supports him needs to be stopped.

I respect everyones opinion and realize I may be shot down for mine - but this is how I think. I make no apologies, nor will I attack anyone who opposes my point of view. But I will support my country and fight for it - and fight to remove that bastard in Iraq from power.

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