calendar it's my mates (school) birthday today st

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Posted by molting at on March 17, 2003 at 12:22:34:

Patrick's Day, it is allways easy to re-memeber not seen her for a coupla years, married though.
good morning
Wei Chi 2 - Chin
Chung Fu 1,3 - Sun
Hsieh 2 - Yu
Ko 1 - Hsien
one not done
Wei Chi 2 - Chin
Hsiao Kuo 5 - Hsien
Tui 4 - Chieh
i'm not alltogeher sure if i actually want to be here at the moment. it seems to be goin along. it may be better if i ame back another day, total indecision.. did not read all in same instanes and stuff may be reading more and less than supposed to. i'm never sure in honesty.

"one minute here and one minute there
don't know if i laugh or cry..

"can you see it
hear it
feel it today
well if you can't
then it doesn't matter anyway..

"what is it, it's it, what is it, it's it what is it..... "

ended up wi a coupla bruises (not got battered,... wha haay) and caused some slight chaos, but luckily for once not in mi own home,. also bruising probably due to a result of the table i tantrum-ingly???? up-ended, crashing on to my poor un-suspecting SHIN. so my own fault in part.

that shit is by the by, and not to be dwelled on. there is no blame, i found love is all.
it's all the other chaos that is definately not helping my confused head.
what the hell is going on with oh shit i don;t want to talk about it .

Thanks God Bless All

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